Friday, September 18, 2009

Project Runway

I really have little to say about Johnny's dismissal from Project Runway last night. It was a total no brainer and while I didn't hate his designs, his lack of passion really bothered me.
Last night did help me to establish my early on favorites.

First up - Christopher

I really love this self taught genius form the Midwest. I thought he should have won last night. He was the only designer to create movement with his paper dress. It flowed and floated like it was feathers and not newsprint.

Simply lovely.

Next up Logan....

A prettier variation of previous winner Geoffrey. I really just love his rock n'roll edge and the combination of sex, beauty and power.

Plus, I have to be honest - what I wouldn't like to do to him. Wow - I just love those artsy, sensitive, dirt under the nails, bad boys.


  1. Yeh I was disappointed with Johnny too. He let us all down and deserved to give the show more respect than that. Christopher or Carol Hannah are my two to watch. Logan is just all too 'precious' to me and you know he just HATES the attention the girls give him. He so wishes he was gay but isn't and that will always be rough for him as a designer. Its a weird thing.

  2. He is cute. Definitely your type!