Friday, September 25, 2009

I Love Civil Disobedience

For those of you living in a cave, my beloved Pittsburgh is the host of the G20 and all that comes with it - world dignitaries, media blitz, a practical police state and yes, protesters!
I actually had someone say to me that all the "commie protesters should die"
I was raised to believe - make that know - that it is not only my right, but my duty to protest when I see evil and injustice in the world and to certainly respect the rights of others to do the same whether I agree with their beliefs or not. (How does he know they are all communists and even if that blanket statement is true - isn't that their right?)
This is a country that was founded on Civil Disobedience and protest - that is why it was the REVOLUTIONARY war.
The other ironic thing is that they person who said this to me proclaims to be a "dyed in the wool Lutheran."
Let me give you a quick history lesson here - Martin Luther was a Catholic monk who saw corruption in the church. In response to this, we penned the 95 Theses, a collection of his thoughts and feelings and nailed them to the Church doors. A clear protest and finger to the powers that be. The results of his actions forever changed the world of religion and the entire Western World.
How can you be a true Lutheran or American and think that protesters are evil?
In the conversation that proceeded this ridiculous comment, someone actually whined that her father-in-law was delayed a half an hour by said protests - boo friggin' hoo! If that little inconvenience was enough to make even one person think, it was totally worth it! Once again - I am not saying agree with the protesters but to think about something other than Dr. Phil or Maury!
Now let me be clear, I am not supporting violence or destruction of private property in any way, but simply professing my love for the beauty of our constitution, our American History and the right to assemble.
God Bless America!


  1. I protest so that others can protest as well. I don't agree with other who protest all the time but they have the right to do it just like I do.

  2. I actually had someone say to me that all the "commie protesters should die".

    Amazing. Sounds like every AM radio station all day long. Ugh....