Friday, September 11, 2009

the GODfather

I recently recieved a chain email from my right-wing cousin, Terry, who very suitably lives in Texas.
I was so disgusted by the email, that I promptly deleted it. I am now regretting that action as it is really pretty funny in an unintentional sort of way.
The whole theroy behind the email was that if you disrespect the big man upstairs, he will take you down!
The first example was John Lennon (which is why I deleted almost immeaditly - I am a HUGE Lennon fan) The email had the now famous quote about being more popular than Christ. It then made a direct link to the fact that some 15 years later he was gunned down on the street in front of his home and wife.
Wow! No wonder people hate us Christians so much. Not only are so many of us self-rightous pricks (yeah I said it) our lord and savior is a vengenful, bad ass.
After my original disgust, I have had a pretty good time imagining the Big Guy as a Mafia Don. In my thoughts, he is much more Don Corleon than Tony Sporano.
"Gaberial, I want that you should smite that Lennon kid and teach him a lesson. It matters not that he has made his life's mission to promote love and peace. He disrespected me and that I can't have."
"Michael, while he does that - go find that George W. kid in Texas and make him an offer that he can't refuse. Have Dickie boy help you out."


  1. Holy shit. That's just great. Lennon makes a completely pertinent point and someone somehow correlates that with his tragic and violent death. Fuck that.

  2. Your cousin Terry obviously doesn't know you at all. Hard to believe you're even related!

  3. I know - I once threatened to flood her inbox with pictures of kittens and angels if she didn't stop sending me this crap, but she just can't resist.