Monday, September 21, 2009

Feeling Special

I was feeling a little blue lately, but then I got this in an email.
It is a poem that my very good friend Dave Rullo ( husband of Kim Rullo - artist) wrote for me many, many years ago.
Even after all this time, it still makes me feel very special. I can never thank him enough for giving me this feeling and this little taste of immortality.
I love you, Dave.

She swore to me Lennon was alive,
And had all the answers ever needed,
To save our trouble love from despair.
Sometimes I believed her because her eyes,
Which at first glance weren’t that special,
Began to shine in silent jestures,
Pleading not for an audience to listen,
Or even an honest man to believe,
Just that I’d listen and hold her until morning.

I should have known she spoke the truth,
With her poetry books littering the floor,
And her jazz albums gracing our shelves,
But sometimes I’m too deaf and dumb,
To ever believe the word of angels,
Who only know of what the speak,
Because of some divine intervention,
Yeah sometimes I keep waiting,
For the boulder at my feet to fall.

Then she was gone one shadowy yesterday,
Her poetry & jazz vanished,
Only her clothes remain to remind me,
That at one time we were pure, together,
Her note I’ve long since burnt,
The truth of her disappearance better left,
To the romantic mystery of clouded thoughts,
She taught me the works of Dante and Pound,
When all I needed were the lullabies of Lennon

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  1. I was feeling a little blue lately.

    Geez, just come down the hall and glance in my office. That is always guaranteed to make ya feel tons better!