Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cool People I Know and You Should Too

Kim Rullo and Brent Issac are two amazingly talented friends and former classmates of mine from Point Park College (now University) who together make up Issac Rullo Photography.

In addition to blowing my mind with their talents as photogs and filmmakers, Kim is married to one of my best friends and Brent has amazing taste in shoes (as seen below)

If you live in the Pittsburgh area and get a chance you should defiantly check out one of their shows. Also, you can find them on Face Book and at

The following are stills from a recent film they did. Another thing that amazes me, is that the use people I know very well as models. They are able to take these people I think I know everything about and pull out these sides of them that I never knew exhisited.

Just truly amazing!


  1. They *are* amazingly talented! I'd love to see them and their exhibits.

  2. These are awesome photos. I don't think I saw them before. Is this from the film they did back in March? I was away for work and missed it :(