Thursday, January 28, 2010

Willies, wieners and wee wees...

A local community has an honest to God, good old fashion flasher. He has been terrorizing the usually peaceful streets of Moundsville, WV since early this December.
Our local news station pretty much makes a mess of their panties every time this guy flashes his willie at the world. It is the lead story on the news everytime he is spotted and now he has his very own facebook page.
My favorite fan on Facebook said that he wanted to "send his sister to walk around Moundsville just so he can say that someone he knows has been flashed."
I used to visit my sister-in-law in the Northern Regional Jail which is located in Moundsville - damn her for getting parole. I miss everything.

I know it is immature, but naked people still make me giggle. Wieners are funny little (I know, I know, don't call them little) guys!


  1. Hilarious......reminds me of the recent flick Observe and Report.

    At least it gives WTOV SOMETHING to report on.

  2. Yes, your take on this is hilarious!