Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - you sneaky little bastard you...

As I was posting my las blog, my husband called to inform me that he may be getting laid off in the very near future.
After my initial reaction of panic and wanting to vomit, I took a deep breath and realized this maybe a blessing in disguise...
I asked Ryan if he could have any job, what would he want to be and said he actually didn't know. He sort of fell into his current job starting entry level and working his way up to a senior vice president position. He has always liked that he is good at his job, but never really the job itself.
Maybe this is a chance for him to change that - as cliche as it is - to find himself.
Also, the past few years have been really hard on us and there where times, I was not sure that we were going to make it through as a family. This maybe a chance for us to start fresh. I am very willing to relocate (somewhere warm would be nice.)
Who knows what the future may bring, but I am willing to find out.


  1. I'd invite you to move to east TN but it's not warm here right now. Good luck with everything.

  2. Everyone I know that has been laid off has found a better job -- one they enjoy more, often making more money -- once the dust settles. I agree that if it happens, it will be a blessing in disguise for your family. Happy New Year!

  3. Yes, GOOD LUCK with all that the new year will bring!

  4. Thanks for all the good thoughts. Ryan tried to talk to his boss about this yesterday and all he would say is that "nothing is writen in stone." FTW!!!