Thursday, January 21, 2010

Back Off Reality!!!!

I have this thing where I can be having a perfectly good dream and then remember something about my real life and all goes caput.
I have complained to hubby for years that he has a way of ruining all my good, steamy dreams. There I will be, swept into Johnny Depps arms, his shirtless chest pressed against mine, his lips so close I can feel his breath and BAM I remember I am married and the whole dream falls apart because that would be cheating and I don't do that - even in those delicious hours right before you wake in the morning apparently. DAMN!
Last night Johnny was sadly absent, but I was reliving some of my college days and preparing for a semester of boys, parties, cocktails and very little studying, when I looked at the shelves in my dorm room (much larger and nicer than the original) and noticed a picture of two kids - F@#K, I have kids. I can't go to college, I have to go home and then almost simultaneously the alarm went off, my two-year-old demanded juice and the dog started whining to go out.
Oh well, it did bring back fond memories and put me in a retro kind of mood. So for your viewing enjoyment, I pulled out some old college photos.

Me and Kimmy (1995)

The old radio crew (that's me in the back)

Me, Jenn, and Darcey

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  1. Back off, beyotch! Johnny's mine! Alright, alright. I'll take Orlando Bloom instead.

    Love the flashback pics! Love that one of you, me and Jenn! Can you email it to me?