Thursday, January 14, 2010

Corporate America Sucks

The Hubby's was one of 20 positions "eliminated" today.
Not only did they not give him or the other employees any form of notice, they would not allow them to return to their offices to retrieve any personal belongings. Stating instead that they would send ever thing to them at their home addresses.

Ryan has been working with these people as a whole for 11 years. The company was bought out by Equifax about three years ago and everything has been going downhill ever since.

We used to be able to count on a pretty nice Christmas Bonus, but Equifax discontinued the first year. They also eliminated all the little things like free bottled water and employee appreciation days.

Ahhh well - I am trying to think positive! This maybe a good thing!


  1. Corporations are killing us. And our country as well.

  2. That sucks, Aim. I'm sorry to hear it. I know you guys will find the silver lining. And he will find something even better!