Friday, August 21, 2009

Tim's Back

Project Runway returned last night and I can barely contain my excitement. As a full-time working mother of two, I have little time to do the things that must be done in order to keep the Department of Children Services away from my doorsteps.
The concept of "Mommy" time is almost non existent, except for Project Runway (and True Blood - shut up B. Henry!.) For one or two hours each week for I hide myself away... I covet this time - imagine those little hobbit guys and that ring - that is totally what I am like. I hold the remote in my hand and stroke it gently while calling it "my precious."
PR came just in the nick of time also as True Blood only have three episodes of hot vampire action left (once again Mr. Henry, your comments are not needed here)
The kicked off with the mother of all specials last night - the All Star Challenge! All my favorite designers (and Ulie) were back for another stitch for stitch old fashioned throw down.
I must say, I think the judges totally missed the mark last night. While I usually love Daniel's designs (and he is undeniably likable as a person) I really don't see how he walked away with the gold last night. His red carpet look was fresh and new. I can see young hollywood (thinking Natalie Portman here)but his restaurant challenge was laughable and his athletic shirt and bubble skirt - ick!
I also can not believe that Santino did not make the final cut... His silver lame' was slightly vulgar, but in such a good way. It screamed sex and bad girl. If I was say a zillion pounds lighter and had a perfect body, I would totally rock the catsuit - meow.
I was really happy to see Chris and Korto make the final cut this time (though Korto was a sore loser and I was disappointed in her reaction to Daniel's win) Both chose to make clothes that real woman (read - those with hips, boobs and children) could wear. Thank you for realizing we do not all look like the 16-year-old models strutting on the catwalk.
Okay - so this might be getting a little gay even for me, so I will leave you there (until next week that is)

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging. "My precious." I can totally see you doing that. Meow back to you.