Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Run for your lives - it's boobs!!!!!!

I cannot believe that we even still see stories like this one!
Yes breast are sexuallized in the US. I, myself, will even take partial blame, as I have been known to dust the girls off and hike them up there for a little attention now and again - but breasts are by and large a functional tool with a very specific job - to nourish the young!
Three cheers for God, Mother Nature, intelligent design or whatever that much like those German auto masterminds, someone was able to combine function with style and a little sex appeal.
Hip Hip Hooray!
Boobs rock!!!!!
As a mother of two, I breastfeed both of my children. I did it for both the unselfish reason that it was so much healthier for them and, I admit, the selfish one - this is something that only I could experience with my child.
I was a lot more discreet than this mother - and I wished that I had had her courage and her kick-ass wardrobe (if you missed it, she breastfeed the entire interview and you saw nothing!) I wouldn't breast feed in mixed company and resented that I would often miss out on things while I hide myself away in a spare bedroom or home office. In fact, I probably cut my children off a little sooner than planned because of this is and I regret it.
My one proud moment was when a then four-year-old Baylee was almost breaking her neck trying to get in to witness Ella breastfeeding. I did have the clearance of thought to announce to the family that what I was doing was completely natural and that ANYONE could come with me. They were progressive enough to let Baylee satisfy her curiosity and I am proud to say it was reported to me a week later that the entire four-year-old preschool class (boys too) at St. Pauls were now breastfeeding all the baby dolls and bottles had been all but forgotten :)


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