Thursday, August 6, 2009

Small towns suck

I was at the local mall (and I use the term very loosely) looking for a birthday present for Audrey Blanchard who turns one on Saturday when I discovered that Walden Books is closing as of Aug. 14.
For those of you keeping score, this is the ONLY bookstore left in the Stuebenville area.
Hurry in now, all books are at least 30% off and many are 75%. I purchased $68 worth of items - including a couple of lovely book sets for Audrey - for only $30.
While their loss is our gain in the short term, in the long term Steubenville drops even a little further down the cultural ladder.


  1. B Henry - how do you edit on this thing??? I put Lose instead of loss and it is bothering me.

  2. The sad thing is that Waldenbooks is considered a part of a 'cultural ladder" here in Steubenville.

  3. I agree, but considering the alternative was the book department at Wal-mart or Ollie’s Bargain Basement, it was at least a small oasis.
    I am placing all my hopes on the new bookstore you said opened downtown... Let me know if you make it there before me.
    Another small tip - the mission has a book room and I have actually gotten some good books there for way cheap. But that is obviously very hit and miss.