Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ten Things and Thanks to Alfie

My good freind Brian choose me as one of the 10 honest blogs out here in Cyberworld. Part of the deal is that I have to tag 10 other blogs, but I am skipping this because I do not read 10 other blogs just yet.
I will, however, answer the 10 honest facts part because I have nothing to hide - well maybe a little....

1. I am totally a drag queen in a woman's body and if socially acceptable, I would wear tiaras, wigs and ballgowns to work every single day.
2. If I could time travel I would want to relieve a few weeks in 1994 or 1995. The world was good then and I didn't fully understand that.
3. I will not eat strawberries, greenbeans or carrots in any form.
4. I can not remember what life was like before I had kids - seriously, I obviously can remember events, but not the emotions.
5. I don't like my step-father and have come to the conclusion that I never will. I strive simply to remain civil in his presence.
6. I have a very evil streak and it is sometimes hard to contain.
7. I love that the 80s are coming back in fashion - especially boys in eyeliner!
8. I am having a mild mid-life crisis.
9. I am allergic to wine and most alcohols - this only happened after I had children.
10. I honestly think that more money would solve most of my problems - please don't give me that the best things in life are free crap.


  1. I'm curious to know which weeks you want to relive from 94-95. Weren't we roomies then?

  2. yeah - in the spring of 1994 when Jenn had her mini-breakdown and I gave her my single to get her to stay in the dorms... can you say co-dependent? I really don't care which weeks - those were just good times.

  3. Yes, those were good times! Oh, the days.

  4. Did you delete a comment I made yesterday??? I thought I left one (I had no clue it was you and you'd started a blog) but now I don't see it. Or you just don't want me to comment on your blog!

  5. I didn't delete anything I promise... of course I want to read all that you have to say :)

  6. Now I am freakishly straight but I always thought eyeliner on guys was a good look. Its almost superhero like...right?