Monday, October 26, 2009

The Little Things

Another VERY stressful weekend in the Forever household - but this blog is not about bitching - (Though please let me state for the record that my mother married a total horse's ass!) - but about the little joys.
I drove to Ashtabula ( a small city near Cleveland Ohio) on both Saturday and again on Sunday.
The drive is long and, well, long. But as I drove up on Sunday morning (starting out at 7 am - on a Sunday)I started to notice the little things that make life good.
First, Sunday morning radio is actually pretty great. Since no one is really up at the time, there are a lot of really great speciality programs on... I found one that played old school punk. We are talking the real deal here... rare stuff that only fans would know or remember. For nearly an hour of the ride, I was able to bop along to Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Clash, and The B-52s (none of that Love Shack or Rock Lobster stuff either!)
I also discovered that Route 11 in Ohio is really beautiful in the fall.
I tried to capture a picture, but none could do the trees justice.

Also, I really love my sunglasses - no designer or high end $$$ - just really awesome!

And I pretend I was heading somewhere much cooler...

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