Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Still Swimming

The hubby’s unemployment was dropped last month with absolutely no notice. It seems that Pennsylvania fell below some federal guideline so even though many, like the hubs, were granted extended benefits, the state would not be honoring them.
For those of you who need help with the math, this leaves my family of four living off of one income – and least you forget, that income is from the social services field. To say that the family is struggling is an understatement. Sad to say, my husband’s unemployment compensation from the private sector was more than I make in the non-profit world.
Like my beloved Dory from Finding Nemo – I am reminded once again that I need to “just keep swimming.” The world does not stop turning because Your Girl is a little blue.
Once again, I have discovered that I am a lot stronger than I give myself credit for. Normally at this point in the summer I would be packing the kids up for a few days at the beach. This is just not a possibility this year, but that doesn’t mean the summer is a total loss.
This past weekend the family and I packed a picnic lunch and went to the local state lake. Not the highest class place in the world, but we spent the afternoon feeding ducks, playing in the water and painting rocks.
As an extra bonus, Miss E. and I discovered a flock of butterflies by the water’s edge. We stood there while approximately 15 black and yellow butterflies flew in the air around us. I am kicking myself for not having a camera handy. It was breathtaking to say the least.
On the 7th we are going to “Kids Day” at PNC Park. For $9 apiece, the kids can go wild in the inflatable play zone prior to the game, then we can enjoy the game in what I am sure are the worst seats in the park (who cares – anyone remember Buc Night when we were kids. You couldn’t even see the players and it was a blast) after the game, the kids can actually run the bases.
With a little imagination- and my trusty computer, I am sure I can find many more affordable opportunities right here in my backyard and give my children a summer full of memories.
Plus the added bonus of discovering a little about their community.
On the down side, there are some things that have to give.
I have been putting off the inevitable but Miss E was registered for the local parochial school and I realize that is just not going to happen. While, I loathe giving up the community feel, small class size and individual attention she would have gotten at St. Paul’s School, the extra $200 a month for tution is just not in the budget. We did apply for financial aid, but it turns out that not being Catholic disqualifies us.
I have been reassured by my godson that the local public school isn’t so bad.
When asked what his favorite part of the end of school celebration they held was, he gleefully told how the kindergarten teacher came around with her magic wand and turned everyone into a first grader – she sounds like my kind of woman.

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