Thursday, February 11, 2010

whatever happens will be

I love this song... it instantly takes me back to a much simpler time in my life. When I am having a bad day - today is one of those days - I listen to this song and am transported back to Mikal's dorm room on the 12th floor. Curling up with "the kids" as we called ourselves and talking about nothing.
We were the original "Friends"
Mikal, Darcey, Angel, Jenn, Trudi, and Jill - no matter the time or distance, I love you all as much today as I did back in that dream called the early 90s.


  1. With this blizzard, I've been thinking of "The Kids" too. Remember when we lost power and snuggled up in bed to keep warm? We had the city to ourselves with all that snow. And remember drinking beer at Lucky's for that "false of warmth" that Jill warned us about. Good memories!

  2. Of course I remember... no cabs were running and we got a ride "to" with a pizza guy and "from" with a complete stranger.
    We would both KILL our daughters if they did something so stupid.
    I was just telling my mom how much I understand the stress she was under with me just thinking about the things that I did and Ella isn't even old enough to do any yet.
    Even still, I pray my kids find the kind of friends I did. We really had something special!

  3. Yeah, we always had each other's back. 'Cept the time Jenn got mugged on Liberty with a helium balloon tied to her wrist and a shot glass hanging around her neck.

  4. we kids did know how to keep things interesting... Hee hee hee