Thursday, February 18, 2010

My True Nature

My best gay recently accused me of being a little too fixated on Shaun White.

The following is a transcript of an actual converstation.

Chris: You know he's a midget

Me: really - how tall?

Chris: I would say leprechaun sized, but I'll look it up....He's 5'8", but the baggy clothes don't help his cause.
And you are also betraying your Fruit Fly Ness, you should be making out at the bar with and attending Thanksgiving at Johnny Weir's house!

Me: can't this be just like college? I will do all of that and then go home to the skinny, pot smoking straight guy

Chris: Exactly. Are we allowed to laugh about places that people shouldn't smoke pot yet?

Me: how can we not?

In order to redem myself - I present the following video for your enjoyment. Of Course, I adore Johnny!!!!

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