Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Deep, Dark Desires

I bet that got your attention you preverts.
Actually I am going to admit that I have a fascination with strippers - not the sleazy all nude kind, but high class burlesque. I even considered taking a pole dancing "excerise" class once.
This comes up because my good friends and amazing artist, Kim Rullo, is looking for models for an upcoming project. I was all up to do my part until Kim mentioned that the project would require nudity.
I admit that the idea of having amazing nude photos taken does appeal to me, but saddly (or maybe not) the part of my brain that looks in the mirror each morning is much louder and I had to decline.
So for now the naughty girl inside will just have to remain there buried some where under the soccer mom.
But tonight in my dreams I will be shaking my thang to this...


1 comment:

  1. Hi FYG!

    I've been reading your blog and enjoying your well expressed opinions. You think out of the box, don't you?

    By the way, this is a video of the most sensual pole dance I've seen -- even though it involves no nudity. Just so you know.

    Last, at the risk of sounding like a self-centered egotist, here's an article I posted sometime ago about stripping. I hope you enjoy it!